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Thick snowflakes fall silently, covering the hilly landscape around the quaint town Erbendorf and imbuing it with a magical winter atmosphere. The full moon’s pale light makes the picturesque community on the edge of the wintry Steinwald appear wild and mysterious and lets the deeply snow-covered treetops glisten. Here, protected by mighty, giant trees and surrounded by the magical nature park with its bizarre cliff formations and almost impenetrable forests, stands the Steinwälder Punschwerkstatt.  

There is a hustle and bustle around the charming estate these days, as always around this time of the year. We can observe large wine barrels being rolled, ripe fruits and Christmas spices being gathered and aromatic recipes being prepared. Everything is done in a very traditional fashion with highly skilled craftsmanship.

But who is at work here with such ardent zeal? An illustrious group has gathered together. We recognise some forest animals, such as a stately elk, a scraggy brown bear and a powerful reindeer. A cheerful gnome bustles about and an enchanting small fairy flies criss-cross over the clearing. We also see a mysterious old witch in the midst of engaging in her witchery while a rotund and perspiring snowman looks on.  

In the workshop, each of them is looking after their very own personal punch recipe that, of course, is named after them. They appear highly ambitious, with each and every one of them managing to shine with their own special abilities, making their creation into something that’s unique. No wonder they jointly call themselves “The Glowificent 7” of the Steinwald. 

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The Glowificent 7


The GlühWichtel is a merry fellow who wants nothing more than to give people joy and happiness with his punch. A small, sweet-tempered nature spirit, he is only active at night and almost never enticed to leave the depths of the Steinwald. 

His non-alcoholic punch on the other hand has been a classic for decades and was known and beloved in the region as “Erbendorfer Punch” for many years.

Sour cherries, apples, currants and of course Christmas spices are the main ingredients for this sweet, fruity punch. The GlühWichtel is free of artificial preservatives and sweeteners, providing light, easy-going mulled wine enjoyment for the whole family.


The SchneeSchmelzer as the epitome of winter earned its name because he is kept so busy in the Steinwälder Punschwerkstatt each winter that even he, an impressive snowman, sometimes starts to sweat. 

He also makes one of the Steinwälder Punschwerkstatt’s other classics, the original Erbendorfer mulled wine. This genuine Bavarian mulled wine for the advent season has been produced for years using an old family recipe, made with fiery red wine and classic Christmas spices.

The full-bodied, hearty, not too sweet flavour is perfect for anyone who loves classic mulled wine.


The DauerGlüher reliably makes his grand entrance year after year just before Christmas. Therefore, this imposing reindeer with broad antlers and tremendous endurance has always been among the most beloved creatures to populate the depth of the wintry Steinwald.

He represents grandfather’s mulled wine produced according to an ancient navy punch recipe. Spicy with an intense flavour, this mulled wine contains a bit more of everything.

Red wine of good quality combined with cinnamon, cloves, oranges and lemons results in a flavour composition for a powerful mulled wine of a special kind. The DauerGlüher is known as the ideal beverage for winter evenings full of atmosphere.


Once upon a time, a stately elk from the far north joined the Steinwälder Punschwerkstatt, henceforth contributing the mulled wine traditions of his Scandinavian homeland every winter as the Alter Schwede.

Nuts and almonds as punch ingredients? Perfect for the legendary Swedish punch! The Glögg, as this speciality is also called, is Scandinavia’s cult beverage at Christmas.

Fresh fruits of the forest, apples and currants are also part of this typical Nordic Christmas punch, produced here in the Steinwald using an original recipe from Sweden. With its unmistakable taste, the Alter Schwede offers a bit of variety compared to classic mulled wines.

Hl crunchy witch

While she may seem a bit scary, the KnusperHexe is committed to putting her centuries of knowledge regarding the bountiful offerings of nature to use here in the Steinwälder Punschwerkstatt, blending them to create a unique, aromatic mixture. It is rumoured that she occasionally puts her magical abilities to use.

The result is something really special, a fine gingerbread punch with an intense, spicy aroma, an extraordinary strong character and the taste of gingerbread and Christmas.

The KnusperHexe is a rich composition of select fruits and gingerbread spices with a good red wine. 


His imposing presence notwithstanding, the HeidelBär is among the docile and always friendly members of the Steinwälder Punschwerkstatt crew. He produces very special, powerful creations in his own calm and deliberate manner.

His speciality is blueberry punch with a fruity dry flavour, wonderfully aromatic and spicy.

Refined with a shot of rum and precious spices, the strong and fruity HeidelBär is made from a full-bodied blueberry wine.

Hl star fairy

The delicate and always cheerful SternenFee that sometimes sparkles for pure joy like a small star in the dark, wintry Steinwald lovingly dedicates here unflagging creative energy to her very own masterpiece.

The white mulled wine that bears her name appears elegant but also mysterious, just the way starlight would taste – golden, delicate, spicy.

The SternenFee is made from select quality wines, carefully refined with wintry spice extracts.


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Here you will find current news from the Glowificent 7 of the Steinwälder Punschwerkstatt. Stay up to date and always know what they have concocted for you now.

Finally, Christmas markets again!

The Steinwälder Punschwerkstatt has been somewhat perplexed lately. No one could tell our Glowing Oaks Seven whether the popular Christmas markets would be able to take place at all this year.

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Mia san now also Glühgin

Recently, we were entrusted with a secret special assignment. From the makers of Café Malefiz in Regensburg, Julian and Maximilian. It was about the development of a mulled gin.

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The "Glowing Seven" far from home

In the meantime, word is spreading more and more about what our Glühreichen Sieben are up to in the depths of the Steinwald. So it's no wonder that our punches and mulled wines are also gaining more and more friends on the other side of the Austrian border.

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